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Healthy Foods Company endorses and markets accessible and affordable, nutritional products for several different diets including Paleo, Whole30, Keto, Vegan, Kosher and Halal. We believe that you, as a consumer of healthy foods, deserve choices. Our online store will be launching in May of 2019.

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The Healthy Foods Company Promise

We have one simple goal: make healthy foods accessible to everyone. With our prices you will be able to keep your diet and lifestyle going effortlessly. In the meantime, we’ll work to ensure that our foods fit your dietary needs.

Our intention is to bring products that are delightful, wholesome, and bursting with flavor. Sam, the founder of The Healthy Foods Company, leaves no stone unturned in his search for healthy and delicious foods made from real ingredients. As we grow, we hope to show you that our customer service can be just as exceptional as our products. We have been the customer on the difficult call, and the consumer of poorly sourced food. It’s a position we don’t like, and we won’t put you in.

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The Healthy Foods Company Mission

The Healthy Foods Company is more than just our promise to you - we are here on a mission. This company is born from our founder’s passion for a healthy lifestyle. Several years ago, Sam and his family changed their lives completely. At the time, Sam was 250lbs and taking several medications for a variety of life threatening illnesses. Today, he’s lost 90 lbs, and no longer needs the medication thank eating healthy.

So, that passion leads to our values. It’s important to us to create a community, both with our customers and with our business partners. Anyone, can be in Sam’s shoes at some point in life no matter whether they are a local business or customer.

We commit to give back to the community, and will be donating 1% of all of our proceeds to charities, starting with the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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